Unsere Dienstleistungen für die perfekte Durchführung Ihrer Konferenz und Ihrer Veranstaltung

Interpreters Technology
Leading in quantity of systems and technology. So translations are available in a broadcast quality.

Conference Technology
High fail-safe operation and failure-free function just as tap-proof encryption are our level of quality.

All established systems in high quantity for guides in museums, exhibitions and on fairs.

Media Networks
Whether audio, video or data - available on every linked up device with Riedel MediorNet media signal distribution.

Sound Technology
Highly qualitative technology and professional service. Top speech intelligibility together with high flexibility.

Licht- und Videotechnik
Moderne LED-Technik für geringen Energieverbrauch für hervorragende Präsentationen – ob Messe oder Open-Air.

How we work:


Your enquiry - our counselling

Every order is unique - there is no dismissing the oders out of hand. We know that, therefore our first step is to advise you to be informed about what you really need. Acording to our quality standards.


We provide an offer

You accepted our offer and expect a highly professional accomplishment. We stand for that - with our name and our own standards - during every stage of the project.


Ihre Veranstaltung durchführen

Sie haben dem Angebot zugestimmt und erwarten nun eine hochprofessionelle Durchführung. Dafür stehen wir auch – mit unserem Namen und Anspruch. In jeder Phase.


Post-processing and phaseout

After your event is finished - our work is not. A detailed post-precession is part of our service. That way we ensure you a successful event, every time.