High quality and failure-free function distinguish good interpreters technology

Dolmetschung während einer KonferenzChoosing the the right sound transmission mode, along with the system or rather the producer, is what makes up the quality of interpreters technology. Main feature here is the failure-free function because the success of a conference, symposium or a exhibition event depends on an impeccable communication.

Therefor we focus on infrared to guarantee a fail-safe situation beyond the visual range. In the field of radio signals [........]

When it comes to interpreting sometimes quantity equals quality

Our Audipack interpreting booths are comfortable, clean and of course DIN and ISO certificated regarding acoustical absorption and isolation. We focus on the producer Televic and Bosch, which are most enquired by our costumers, and on the corresponding quality. Simply put, in Germany we are market-leading in the quantity of applicable receivers of all systems. Additionally the quality of our interpreters technology is set so high that we can produce the interpretations in broadcast quality. Said, everything can be recorded for future usage for your company. Because we think beyond the moment.